Sunday, October 13, 2013

African in diaspora:Theodore Afoke making waves in Broadcasting!

John Afoke Theodore-Edevu is a very witty, intelligent, ebullient and multi-talented young man.

He is presently living and studying in North Cyprus, where he anchors/host, presents & produce the  TV Show: "Theodore TV show"

He arrived in Cyprus on the 14th of October, 2012. Upon his arrival, so many foreigners were busy looking for jobs but John decided to do something different: he was going to create employment for himself.  He was mocked by others for that decision, however, in just five months, John had broken several records in Cyprus:  He is the first African to work with a satellite TV station in Cyprus. 

John has had the opportunity to interview the wife of the Turkish prime minister, wives of  Ambassadors as well as, ministers and other top government officials. His program ratings increases on a daily bases and he has over 1million viewers around the world.

You may as well type "Theodore's TV Show" on Utube to see his official videos if you are not in Europe or you can't get the satellite station with your decoder.

 And how has John been able to adapt himself to the language and culture of his new environment?  "I have been praised for my ability to learn and speak the Turkish Language, very well, in just five months, even with my busy schedule," said John. As a young man working to help break down barriers and gradually eradicate racial discrimination, he is the first foreigner to gain fame in broadcasting  in Cyprus, John is indeed on his way to success and  he is doing a great job of rebranding Nigeria.

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