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In the Kitchen: How To Make Strawberry Shortcake

Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake, Enjoy!

I have a close friend that loves this...infact she is a lover of food. And you know she is not the only one that does so i decided to post this so when you are hungry and you have the energy to prepare something. Take out time to prepare this...

1 3/4 cups whole-wheat pastry flour, sifted
1/4 cup all-purpose (plain) flour, sifted
2 1/2 teaspoons low-sodium baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup trans-free margarine (chilled)
3/4 cup fat-free milk (chilled)

For the topping
6 cups fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
3/4 cup (6 ounces) plain fat-free yogurt


In a large mixing bowl, re-sift the flours, baking powder and sugar together. Using a fork, cut the chilled margarine into the dry ingredients until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Add the chilled milk and stir just until a moist dough forms.

Turn the dough onto a generously floured work surface and, with floured hands, knead gently 6 to 8 times until the dough is smooth and manageable. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a rectangle 1/4-inch thick. Cut into 8 squares. Place the squares onto the prepared baking pan and bake until golden, 10 to 12 minutes.

Transfer the biscuits onto individual plates. Top each with 1 cup strawberries and 1 1/2 tablespoons yogurt. Serve immediately.


Job Opportunity: Audit Control Supervisor At Aero Contractors, Lagos


* BSc Accounting is strongly preferred
* MBA in related field is an advantage
* Relevant certification e.g. CPA, CIA or CISA designation required
* Professional qualifications e.g. ACCA, CPA, CIMA or other relevant higher business degree
* 6 years experience

Application Format

Method of application:
please enter your data into the attached excel sheet and email as an attachment to 
with the job title as your Subject.

Take down date: 25th November, 2014.

*Please forward an email to info.posche@gmail for the Data Sheet.

Friday, November 21, 2014

About 1000 Pilgrimage Expected At Larnaca, Southern Cyprus

About 1000 people who are engaging on Holy pilgrimage will the crossing from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus over to the Southern Cyprus tomorrow Saturday 22nd November, 2013 to visit a prominent Muslim Shrine, on the west of the Salk Lake in Larnaca.  

The movement will be accompanied by police officers alongside the pilgrims.

Pilgrims are expected at the Agio Dometios Checkpoint in Nicosia around 10.00 am and will return by 3.00 pm.


This year the Hala Sultan Tekke recieved a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor

According to an Antiquities Department announcement, the certificate is based entirely on the comments of visitors following their visit to the mosque of Hala Sultan during the previous year.

"The Department of Antiquities considers this distinction of special importance since it is the result of the experiences of the visitors and their subsequent comments,” the announcement said.

The Muslim shrine, on the west bank of Larnaca Salt Lake, was the Islamic prophet Muhammad's wet nurse and the wife of Ubada bin al-Samit.

In Ottoman times, a mosque complex was built in stages around the tomb, especially as of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The shrine structure was first erected by Sheikh Hassan in 1760. Later the mosque was constructed and the complex assumed its present form around 1816/17.

Hala Sultan Tekke complex is composed of a mosque, mausoleum, minaret, cemetery, and living quarters for men and women.
While being acknowledged as a holy site for Turkish Cypriot Muslims, the mosque has also been described by secular contemporary sources as being revered by all Muslims.

Culled: Famugusta Gazette

20 Life, and Facts The Successful People Don't Live By. Part-1

We all know how important been successful is all about, however I have noticed and observed with kin enthusiasm in the last decade of my understanding of "success",  some notable misconceptions. Below I will be sharing with us and I hope we will learn one or two things from. Kindly leave your comments and observations in the box below. Happy reading...
1. They don't define success in a monetary term. Most successful people define success as happiness, having a peace of mind, or helping others. They see money as something that brings them comfort and opens doors of opportunities. They realize that money can't buy them happiness. 
2. They don't start their days without plans. Successful people know that in order to stay on top of work and become successful, they need to be disciplined and be smart with how they manage their time. In order to do this, they plan their days ahead, putting together a to-do list at the start of the day  --  what needs to be done and in what order. Not only are they going to make sure that they don't miss out on any important task or meeting, but also optimize their time for the optimal performance. 
3. They don't define "perfection" as their end goal.To successful people, striving for perfection is rather a waste of energy and time because you would be spending your time looking for mistakes and faults to fix. Instead, you should strive for "growth." From one point to another, successful people achieve each goal with growth in mind. 
4. They don't surround themselves with negative people. Pessimistic people, people who whinge and complain, people who procrastinate, and people who find excuses for everything  --  these are the kinds of people that successful people don't surround themselves with. Because the more you hang around these people, the more negative energy you receive. Instead, successful people hang around positive people, driven people, and people inspire them.
5. They don't perceive difficulties as problems. When successful people face a difficulty or an obstacle, they see it as another challenging issue that they need to solve like any other obstacles they've gone through in the past. They believe that these experiences will only make them smarter and stronger. 
6. They don't let failure bring them down. Successful people see failure as a part of growth and an opportunity to learn and make a progress. They believe that no matter how many times they fail, they will get back up again stronger than before.
7. They don't let problems bring them down. If you let your life get weighed down by problems, you're not going to be anything but stressed. And that is the way to having more problems in life. 
When facing a problem, instead of focusing on the problem, you should focus on your action and what you do to make the situation better. By shifting your focus like this, you will feel better and find an even better way to solve the problem.
8. They don't let other people's judgments affect their self-esteem. Successful people don't let themselves and their self-esteem get bogged down by other people's words or judgments. They know what they are worth and what they stand for. They know what they want out of lives, what they are looking for, and they have their own rules for making all that happen for themselves. They don't rely on outside approval. They don't need others to prove their worth. 
9. They don't make excuses.Successful people take responsibility for their mistakes. If things don't go as planned or something goes wrong, they will take responsibility for it and fix the problem. Successful people are determined to get their goals achieved each day  --  no matter big or small. They don't make excuses.
10. They don't envy other people's success. Successful people believe that everyone has the ability to become successful. They believe that the more successful people there are, the better this world will become. Seeing other people succeed doesn't make them envy, but rather makes them feel inspired and motivated.
...there we have it, will continue on our subsequent blog with the second concluding part. Stay tuned, stay successful!
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Hair Growth: 10 Healthy Steps Every Woman Follow a For An Healthy Hair

These steps are good for all types of hair, natural or relaxed. This process has trash helped my hair journey and I am enjoying the beauty of my natural hair. 

These steps includes the followings;

1. Deep Condition Your Hair Weekly.  Every hair needs that love, a sense of care and also needs to breathe. This is what conditioning your hair does. It helps to give that nutrients it deserves while getting raid of unwanted cloggs in the scalp. In other words conditioning helps restore moisture to the hair. I will be sharing on our post how to make a DIY home Conditioner. 

2. Clarify/ Chelate To a Remove Excessive Mineral Build-Up. I need not tell you that our scalps get clogged from various oils, hair cream product applied into the scalp. This prevent the growth of the hair, preventing Conditioners and moisturizers to penetrate into the hair shaft. 

3. Always Use A Protective Style To Protect Your Ends

4. Always Moisturize and Seal Thouroughly. 

5. Use Protein Treatment To Avoid Hair Breakage. 

6. Avoid If Possible The Frequent Amount of Heat On The Hair. Do you know that, the direct use of heat e.g Flat Iron, does more harm to your hair than good? It runs the hair off its moisture making the hair susceptible to breakage. You don't wanna loose your hair, do you? 

7. Keep The New Growth Moisturize as frequent as possible, to reduce breakage at the line of demarcation.

8. Always Wear a Scarve to Around Your To Bed. The use of silk or satin scarves, a bonnets or pillowcases are much preferably. This protects the hair from tangles, while keeping its Moisture.

9. Do Not Hold To Thin Demaged Ends For The Sake Of Length.

10. Avoid Exaggerated Hair Styles, as this could stress the hair, rather low manipulative styles will give more beauty to the hair, while keeping it in shape. 

For more beauty, hair and healthy tips email:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Health: New Hope For Cervical Cancer Patient

A new cervical cancer drug offers the first good hope of extending life for women with advanced stages of the disease, a study published in the United States today has found.

Existing chemotherapy regimes are largely ineffective against advanced stages of cervical cancer, which kills 250,000 women worldwide every year.

That’s why early screening is so critical — regular Pap smears have managed to reduce deaths in wealthy countries by 80 percent.

The study found that women who were given the drug bevacizumab (Avastin) along with their chemotherapy prolonged survival to an average of 17 months, compared with 13.3 months for those who only received chemotherapy.

Tumor shrinkage rates were 48 percent for patients who received the drug, compared with 36 percent for those who did not.

The results also indicated that the survival benefit did not come at the cost of diminished quality of life.

The phase III clinical trial separated the 452 patients into four treatment arms but found no significant differences in survival between those receiving cisplatin or topotecan (Hycamtin) chemotherapy treatments.

Genentech’s drug bevacizumab is currently approved by US regulators for use in several advanced cancers but has not yet been approved for gynecological cancer. It works to block blood vessel formation in the tumor.

Some 4,000 women die of cervical cancer every year in the United 

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Job Opportunity: Marketing Assistant at Today's Woman Magazine

Marketing Assistant at Today's Woman Magazine 

No sales experience is required. All you need is the ability and confidence to make a sale.

*Online Marketing Includes: Social Media and Emailing

*Offline Marketing Includes: Word of Mouth, Phone Calls, Flyer Distributions, Networking and Events

How to Apply

To apply send your CV and a brief cover letter to Use subject line "Marketing Assistant"

#bosydeprincessa's Job

You can help rescue someone's live to earn a living, share, like and comment! 

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Job Opportunity: Grant Thornton: Recruits Graduate Trainees in Lagos, Abuja and PH

Graduate Trainees job at Grant Thornton

Position Requirements:

* Fresh graduates (No experience required)

* BSc in Accountancy, Economics, Banking & Finance, Mathematics. Statistics, Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering or other related numerate disciplines.

* Minimum of 2nd class upper division.

* Not more than 25 years of age

Method of Application

Send CVs and cover letter indicating preferred location to: not later than two weeks from the date of this publication. 

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Inspirational: How Prepare are You!

Prepare- is one word we often hear, often experience the consequences of not doing; and still don't do.  Eventually some come around to do it, once in a blue moon & some are addicted to it.

Here is a reminder to you and I mean YOU, PREPARE. Its no use trying to shine if you haven't taken time to fill your lamp. When you know His Word is a lamp to your feet & light for your path, you meditate. 

PREPARE, a verb which sprees out the action to make ready in doing something for now or the future. It involves systematic planning and relentless effort.  It verb expresses the following as an act to:

1. To make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion: The teacher prepared the students for the exams.
2. To put together or make by combining various elements or ingredients; manufacture or compound: prepared a meal; prepared the lecture.
3. To fit out; equip: prepared the ship for an arctic expedition.
4. Music To lead up to and soften (a dissonance or its impact) by means of preparation.
1. To make things or oneself ready.
2. To study or complete a course of study at a preparatory school.

My question here then is, how prepare do we get in our daily routine, at work, in school, as professional etc. We should therefore despite the daily hustle that life brings take time to lay or position ourselves the foundation for exploit, while avoiding to be a last minutes timer. Get the right qualification that you know keeps you fit for that position, go on training, improve yourselves. Take the challenge. It's never too easy, yea- but trust me can!


Health: Stroke a Preventable Disease.

Health they say is your wealth. No amount of money can replace the essence of good health, this is why it's important to take control of the overall development of the body. Speaking lately on need to take active physical engagement of the body in order to watch  against the prevention stroke. Dr Fasanmade said stroke is a cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is a major cause of disability and premature death throughout the world. “The underlying pathology is atherosclerosis, which develops over many years and is usually advanced by the time symptoms occur, generally in middle age. Acute coronary events (heart attacks) and cardiovascular events (strokes) frequently occur suddenly, and are often fatal before medical care can be given,” he said.

According to him, physical activity improves heart function and lipid profile by lowering total cholesterol. It lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate.
A source said adults who do not exercise on a regular basis have a 20 per cent higher risk of having a stroke than their more active peers, according to a study published in the latest edition of the journal, Stroke.

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Job Opportunity: Two a Managers and A Cashier

Job opening for TWO MANAGERS and a CASHIER at a newly opened food company (Lekki Lagos). 


*Applicant must have minimum HND/BSC.

* Applicant for managers post should have basic knowledge/experience in HR, FINANCE and MARKETING.

 If you meet these requirement send your cvs to

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Be Careful of The Meat in Pies; You Might Be Eating Human Flesh

Jorge Beltrao Negromonte and his wife Isabel Cristina Pires, with his mistress, Bruna Cristina da Silva, are cannibals who proclaimed to be part of an organization whose aim is to help save the world's population and so resulted into killing human beings. 

Four years ago before their arrest they tricked a young teenage mum to their residence with a promise to get her employed, while they slit open her throat and fed her to her one year old who they are training to be a cannibal. They were also accused of killing and eating other two females, as well as stuffing it into meat-pies they sell a close by school and hospital. 

The trio have been array before the court in Olinda, North Eastern Brazil and have been confirmed guilty. While Jorge was sentenced to 23 years in  prison, the other two women have 20 years respectively.  

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Sting's honoured Billy Joel at an awards ceremony in New York.

Billy was handed the first-ever ASCAP Centennial Award, to mark the performance rights organisation's 100-year anniversary. 

Stevie Wonder also picked up a prize at the ceremony overnight but Sting was there to praise his friend, Billy, with a jazzy version of "Big Man on Mulberry Street".

Big Congrats!

In The News: Online Newspaper Review

The Punch
* Fresh crisis hits PDP as govs move against Mu'azu
* 'I cannot count the stolen cars I've sold'
Obasanjo killed students' unionism, says Bakare

* Drama as seven Ekiti PDP lawmakers sit, 'elect' speaker

* Jonathan extends emergency rule in Borno, others
Lawmaker says Tambuwal's presidential ambition won't divide party

* You have case to answer, court tells Fani-Kayode

* Lagos deputy gov campaigns PVCs collection in church
* It's a disgrace to celebrate Chibok's recapture –Oyegun
* Shekarau snubs BBOG protest against pupils' safety
* No hasty embrace of austerity measures –Reps
* NLC backs special tax on luxury goods
* Nigeria under a cloud of shame –Soyinka
* Rivers, Plateau, C'River owe workers' salaries
* Ondo reviews budget, embarks on debt recovery
* Overconfident Bafana will fall – Chukwu
* 420 wrestlers for Gov Dickson tourney
* Djokovic targets Grand Slam glory
* Ronaldo aims to outshine Messi
* Fuel subsidy to reduce by N600bn
* CBN meets bank MDs as naira crashes
* We'll start exporting rice in three years – FG 
* Dangote refinery to begin operation 2018
* Ecobank boosts CSR initiative
Capacity building, key to SMEs' survival –Fidelity Bank
* Smartphone usage in Nigeria still low – NCC
* Carmudi's Facebook followership hits 800,000
* The art to replenishing the earth
12 kinds of people you must never marry

* Conducting superior business transactions
* Real estate wealth in the villages
* No regrets my father died for ASUU – Iyayi's son
* Don't allow hoodlums, charlatans in student unionism –Bakare
* FUTA microbiologist wins UN grant
* My boyfriend encouraged me –UNILORIN best Anatomy graduate
* Lulu-Briggs applauds cancellation of Rivers PDP congresses
* Obanikoro dreaming about Lagos governorship–APC
* Why Osoba didn't join us – PDP
* Art has become strong alternative investment – Onyema
* Police arraign man for rape, abortion
* Cultists brutalise barber for dating member's wife
* My experience with breast cancer
* Eat nutritious diet for successful breastfeeding
* Up to 80 million bacteria sealed with a kiss
Finding viable business ideas (2)

* Nigerians urge FG to tackle corruption
* Idonije's new book reveals more on Fela
* For Oye Williams, time to discuss environment

The Vanguard
* Traditional institution, bedrock of Nigeria's democracy —Ozekhome
* CBN grants N2bn for SMEs in Delta
* 70-yr-old man accused of N42m shares scam
* 4 luxury bus robbers nabbed in Enugu
* 2015 AFCON Decider: Ike Uche: It's gonna be war against Bafana
* 7 PDP lawmakers take over Ekiti Assembly
* Money laundering: Court acquits Fani-Kayode on 38 of 40 counts
* DTHA workers threaten strike over unpaid allowances
* Soyinka suggests monument in memory of Chibok girls
* Policing the Police
* Why Tambuwal must be handled tactfully, by Nwuche
* Kwara: The battle after the endorsement
* I'll double Fashola's achievements in four years — Hamzat
* Poverty: Atiku's template to save Nigeria 
* BBC African player award: Toure: It will be fantastic to win again
* Top tennis player Sunday defeats opponent as Governor's cup begins
* A new dawn awaits baseball, softball in Nigeria
* World Cup whistleblowers slam FIFA – report

* FG to Seek Extension of Emergency Rule in North-east
* Extra-Constitutional Move, 10 Members Take over 26-Man Ekiti Assembly
* Seeking Absolute Control, PDP Govs Plot against Mu'azu over Delegates' List
* Churches Wrecked, Men Hide in Trees in Nigeria's North-east
* Synagogue Tragedy: Strain Between SA, Nigeria Eases
* Court Strikes out Suit on Withdrawal of Tambuwal's Security Aides
* Gusau: Foreign Fighters are a Troubling Dimension to Boko Haram, Global Terrorism
* Rivers: Four Feared Dead, Many Injured after Clashes at Onne, Abonnema
* CJN Accuses Governors of Sabotaging Judiciary
* Court Acquits Fani-Kayode of 38 Counts of Money Laundering
* Adamawa Govt Set to Train 10,000 * Local Hunters to Counter Boko Haram
* Azare Death Toll Rises to 31
* Soyinka: Nigeria is under Cloud of Shame, Dereliction
* Boko Haram Scare Causes Panic as Area Boys Clash in Minna
* Court Dismisses Suit Seeking to Stop Synagogue Inquest
* 14 Arrested over Nasarawa Crisis
* Shekarau Worried over School Attacks, Says It Can Reduce Enrolment
* Dickson Submits N320.6bn 2015 Budget to Assembly
* Kidnappers Abduct Abia Journalist, Demand N20m Ransom
* Mark, Ekweremadu Condole with Nwobodo over Son's Death
* Lifetime Achievement Awards for Shobanjo, Sobowale at 23rd DAME
* FG to Upgrade Maternity Facilities
* Soldier Stabs Security Personnel
* Nigeria Must Now Create Electoral Offences Commission
* Why I Deserve BBC Player of the Year Award, By Enyeama
* Enyeama, Mikel Dazzle Uyo Fans ahead of Bafana Clash
* Nigeria, S'Africa Clash Kick off Moved
* We Are in Nigeria to Win, Bafana Coach Boasts 
* 420 Wrestlers for Gov Dickson 

* Big Guns in Nervy 2015 AFCON Qualifying Finale
* NFF Bill: Pinnick's Plaudits for Gumba, Senate Committee
* NBB of C Hails Organisers Of GOtv Boxing Night
* Top Players, FIFA, CAF, Others Unite against Ebola
* ATTF Praises for Oshodi, Quadri over NSA Honours
* Mfon Udoh is Spain-bound
* Euro 2016: Bosnia Sacks Coach Susic
* KADUNA POLO'2014: EL-Amin Glows with 11th Georgian Cup Title
Lagosians Embrace Lucozade Sports Fun Run

National Mirror:
* Akingbola: Court declares Access Bank N212.2bn judgement not enforceable
* The politics, intrigues of Jonathan's declaration
* UI deserves special grant-Adeyinka Adebayo
* Court acquits Fani-Kayode of money laundering charge
* Boko Haram: Jonathan seeks to extend state of emergency … in Adamawa, Borno, Yobe Confusion as seven Ekiti lawmakers reconvene plenary
* Tambuwal's presidential ambition won't tear APC apart —Ashafa
* I'm the best candidate for the job –Yobe guber aspirant, Waziri
* Plateau: STF personnel kills Operation Rainbow member, injures 3 others
* 2015: Bakare, Utomi others task students on national rebirth

* Lafia Shut Down As Fighting Continues
* Cement Price Cut Not For Monopoly – Dangote
* $16bn Processing Zone: Stop Abusing Me, Jonathan Tells Itsekiris, Others
* Tambuwal Finally Settles For Sokoto Governorship
* Regional Editor, Others Abducted In Warri Emergency Rule: Jonathan Seeks Extension In 3 States
* As 2015 Campaigns Begin: INEC In Dilemma Over Spendings
* PDP Imports Mercenaries To Register In Edo – Oshiomhole
* Nigeria Ranks Highest In Lawmakers Turnover Rate – Report
* Amaechi Transfers N5.9bn GTB Loan To Fidelity Bank

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

Monday, November 17, 2014

DR Congo Declared Ebola Free

DR Congo was finally declared an Ebola free on Saturday, 15.11.2014. Although the outbreak in the country is unrelated to the one in West Africa which has recently claimed lots of over 6000 lives. The disease was first identified in 1976 in the DRC near the Ebola River. In outbreak in the now Congo which began in August is recorded to have high fatality rate of about 74% this having a separate restrain to the one currently putting the whole of West African in kiosk. The humor in this news however is that, to celebrate with them, the Nigerian Super Eagles limited scoring so much goals behind their goal keeper post in commemoration in a 2-0 win to qualify for the African Nations Cup coming up soon.  Isn't this so thoughtful of the National team?...hehehehe  *wink

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Job Opportunity: Mobilizr; A Large scale Mobile Brand

You’re a charismatic person that can talk to just about anyone. You’re fearless, flexible and want to share something awesome with the world.


College student or recent graduate
At least 18 years old
Own an iPhone or Android
Closing Date
20th November, 2014

Method of Application
Send CV and application to:

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It’s a common gripe amongst men that it’s always the same type of guys that get the girl: rich, tall, dark and handsome. Talk to women though, and they will nearly always disagree. Looks are on many women’s lists of attractive qualities, but what constitutes good looks varies considerably from girl to girl. Money too, does not appear as high as you might think, if at all, on most girls list, so let’s take a look at ten of the things that girls say really attract them to a man:
1. Romance is not a thing of the past
A sense of romance is a big thing for most women. They want to be swept off their feet by a prince charming and they want to be treated like a lady. So guys don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, flowers, chocolates and love poems are not a thing of the past!
2. Being generous with what you have is attractive
While money may not be a big thing, being generous with what you have is. It’s not just about buying gifts for the girl though, being kind and generous to others is also an important trait that women like to see in a man.
3. A great sense of humour
What makes a man attractive to a woman? Humour. If a guy can make a girl laugh, then he’s halfway there! A sense of humour appears on nearly every girls list. It makes everything else seem to go away and, even if the guy screws up, laughter will make it seem less important.
4. A touch of class and a drop of sophistication
Most girls don’t want a snob, but they do appreciate a little sophistication sometimes. A guy doesn’t need to be a wine connoisseur, for example, but he should at least know that downing a bottle of beer and then belching, in a swanky restaurant, isn’t the right thing to do.
5. Self confidence and some decision making
A man with self-confidence will help put a woman at her ease. What girls certainly don’t want is a guy who is so nervous, that he wouldn’t even say boo to a goose, and who is going to leave all the decision making up to somebody else.
6. A well groomed man (Forget worn-out jeans, old sneakers and a three day growth of stubble…)
A girl wants to be proud to be out with her man, so simple grooming is important too. Worn-out jeans, old sneakers and a three day growth of stubble might be comfortable, but they won’t help a guy attract a girl.
7. Passion is hot! Aimless meandering through life is not!
Girls are not attracted to guys who meander through life aimlessly they want some passion and some conviction. That could be a passion for work, for a hobby or for a sports team but, come on! They have to care about something.
8. Willingness to learn and the drive to improve
Another one of important points on what makes a man attractive to a woman is his willingness to learn. We could have headed this point, intelligence, but then that would have been misleading, because it’s not having the brain of an astrophysicist that matters, it’s the willingness to learn. Having the drive to improve and to learn new things, is a very attractive trait in a man.
9. Men who like children
It’s a scientific fact that women are drawn to men who have an affinity with children. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean a man who wants to have his own family tomorrow, but a man who can relate to children does seem to appeal to the nurturing side of a woman.
10. Looks (but they are in the eye of the beholder)
Looks do matter, but not the tall, dark handsome type. The looks that women find attractive can vary incredibly. Some girls love a bald man, while others like thick, flowing hair. Some girls have an absolute aversion to facial hair, while others love beards. Looks is here in our list, but what girls find attractive, really, is in the eye of the beholder.
What makes a man attractive to a woman? Feel free to share your opinion.
Stay happy!

Job Opportunity: Venture Garden Group

Venture Garden Group is currently recruiting for the position of Legal Solicitor. 

Qualifications includes:

* First degree in law- Bachelor of Law (LLB-)

* Law School Graduate- Barrister at law (BL)

Additional Information

Remuneration: Competitive based on experience

Click to Apply

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In The News: (Online Newspapers Review)

The Punch

*Jonathan decides on emergency rule in Borno, others today
*Nigeria won't divide in 2015 — Sultan, Kukah
*Cleric kills 62-year-old woman, dumps corpse on bridge
*Oil slump: FG unveils austerity measures
*NEC extends voter registration in Ogun, Lagos, Edo
*Military recaptures Chibok from Boko Haram
*1.3 million crashes recorded yearly – FRSC
*Lagos to sue tax defaulters
* $1bn loan may be diverted for elections – Falana
*APC ticket: Tambuwal is welcome, say Buhari, Atiku
*30 killed in fresh Bauchi blast
* 2015: Ondo aspirants threaten to work against PDP
* APC chieftain urges 'guided primaries' in Lagos
* One million names missing in Niger PVC list'
* Minister tells teachers to tackle vices
* Rep recommends Tambuwal-Amaechi ticket
* Bayelsa PDP not divided – Dickson
*Buhari won't choose Muslim as deputy –Fashakin
*African economies growing steadily –Wigwe
* Experts to examine e-payment regulation
* Mortgage finance can contribute 10% to GDP –Abdul
* HIV-positive? Your baby can be negative
* A life more than ordinary
* Foods that make you happy
* Akpabio, Odegbami praise Eagles
* Nwosu, Temile back Nigeria
* AFCON 2015: Ebola fears grip E'Guineans
* Erico warns Eagles over Bafana
* Unity Bank names 111 bad debtors
* PHEDC, Ecobank collaborate on prepaid meters
* We must remove barriers to MSMEs growth – Aganga
* Now is time for local government autonomy
* Nigeria through the lens of an Indian diplomat
* Fidson Healthcare records 22% profit growth
* FG, shareholders commend Dangote Cement for investment
* Environmentalists seek more investment in green buildings
* Doubts greet military claim on Chibok's recapture
* Information overload harmful, avoid it
* Fake LASTMA officials demand bribe, escort victim to ATM
* Pandemonium as cultists hack man to death 
* Family tackles police over release of son's killer
* Identifying emerging business opportunities in Nigeria
* Online forex trading: Adopting the right approach
* Does money really motivate the employees?
* Discharged and acquitted, still treated as guilty
* Mukhtar raises hope for automated courts
* Oil prices: Naira devaluation unavoidable–Rewane
* Cisco predicts cloud growth in Africa, M'East

The Vanguard
* Voters' registration: INEC grants two-day extension to six states
* Omotola, Genevieve, Ramsey Nouah, others honoured as AFRIFF ends
* Stop denigrating office of governor, Ekiti speaker told
* Cross River, Jonathan's stronghold —Imoke
* Political thugs unleash terror, destroy properties worth millions in Lagos
* Clinton, Saraki, others storm New York for Clean Cook Stoves summit
* NB, Consolidated Breweries merger to grow Nigerian economy
* How commissioner's memo landed LG boss in prison
* Governors have become a problem to our democracy — Etiebet
* Who grabs 6 remaining 2015 AFCON qualifying tickets?
* Bafana Bafana vow to stop Eagles
* 6th C'wealth Taekwondo Championships: Nigeria start with 4 gold medals
* Akpabio congratulates Eagles
Ndanusa, Gumel go for each other's jugular 
* CAF picks Mauritian referees, as Bafana fly in on Monday
* Vanguard: NB, Consolidated Breweries merger to grow Nigerian economy
* Army recaptures Chibok from Boko Haram
* Misapplication of N19.2bn: Reps say Ministry of Works has case to answer

Leadership News
* Again, Suicide Bombers Kill
* Suswam @ 50: Mark, Jang, Uduaghan, Dankwambo, Tor Tiv, Others Grace Birthday Thanksgiving
* Reps Committee Seeks Extension Of Voters' Registration
* 2015: Disquiet In Abuja PDP Over Alleged Imposition Of Candidates
* Boko Haram: Adamawa To Recruit Hunters, Civilian JTF
* APC Ticket: Online Polls Put Atiku Ahead Of Other Aspirants
* Jonathan's 2nd Term Declaration: A Scorecard Of Failure – APC
* Etsu Nupe, Gov Yero, Tinubu, Inde Condole With Nda-Isaiah
* Oil Price: FG Cuts 2015 Budget Benchmark To $73
* How Safe Are Our Schools?

The Sun
* AFCON 2015: Don't take South Africa for granted –Chukwu
* Landowners paid N100m  compensation for new Benue varsity
* Aregbesola promises to complete Osun airport
* Bayelsa speaker in trouble over comments against Jonathan
* Cement price cut: Stakeholders, FG, commend Dangote
* Enyeama urges governors to emulate Akpabio
* Danagogo commends Eagles
* Akpabio, Uyo people eager to see Eagles –Umanah
* Badeh, Boko Haram and our nation
* Industry: BoI disburses N667bn

Daily Independent
* Wada hail and hearty, says aide
* Stop politics of blackmail, Rivers APC warns PDP
* NATFORCE to engage 50 youths in war-torn Rivers community
* Uba empowers constituents with cars, tricycles, others 

APC, CNPP call for extension of voters' registration in Edo

* Jonathan, a true democrat, says Bayelsa Speaker A'Ibom needs Gov with link to heaven – Okpon
* APC hits at Fayose's one-month leadership in Ekiti
* Jega becoming dreadful than Boko Haram, says Afenifere
* Ekiti Speaker eyeing acting gov seat – Fayose's aide

Compiled by Demola Adefajo